Microdosing MMJ

Whether you’re new to medical marijuana or not — microdosing is one of the most intriguing methods to consume cannabis in Florida.

Microdosing allows medical marijuana patients in Florida to experience the enjoyable effects of cannabis with a minimal effective dose. If we’ve piqued your interest — read along and learn everything there is to know about microdosing medical marijuana.

What is Microdosing?

Originally, microdosing was a term coined during the psychedelic era of the 1960s.

Microdosing is a method in which an individual consumes the minimal effective dose of a given substance to experience a baseline of effects.

Primarily, individuals sought the benefits of LSD and other psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms without consuming too much. In other words, a small amount went a long way.

With microdosing, individuals could unlock the euphoric and creative effects that psychedelics had to offer without being locked in a trip for countless hours.

In terms of cannabis, medical marijuana patients have realized that microdosing is an effective method to enjoy marijuana without extended or heavy-handed effects.

From medical marijuana edibles to flowers, microdosing is a popular method to consume cannabis at any time of the day.

Who Benefits From Microdosing?

Overall, anyone can benefit from microdosing medical marijuana.

Whether you want to microdose edibles or concentrates — everything is possible. Below, we’ll discuss a few specific situations in which a medical marijuana patient can benefit from microdosing.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most common reasons to apply for medical marijuana in Florida.

Whether your pain is chronic or not, medical marijuana provides hours of pain relief. However, MMJ is also known to make patients feel sleepy or less aware.

To counteract any unwanted sensations while experiencing pain relief, medical marijuana patients should experiment with microdosing. By doing so, MMJ patients can feel pain relief while maintaining a high awareness and energy level.

Reduce Depression or Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are typically bundled together.

As many medical marijuana patients in Florida know — depression and anxiety may happen at any time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your microdosing game ready to counteract any negative feelings throughout the day.

Microdosing medical marijuana is ideal when experiencing a sudden bout of anxiety. By consuming a small amount of marijuana, MMJ patients may feel an uplifting sensation while maintaining an overall sense of mental and physical control.

Increase Appetite

Whether you’re out on the town or prepping breakfast — a stimulated appetite is necessary for many medical marijuana patients.

From post-chemotherapy to depression, a lack of appetite is dangerous for the body. Luckily, medical marijuana is known to promote appetite.

Microdosing MMJ prior to food is common among medical marijuana patients. Once again, microdosing before consuming food is ideal to ensure you experience the benefits without the drowsiness of a full dose of cannabis.

Assist a Healthy Night’s Rest

There’s a big difference between gently falling asleep and blacking out.

Many medical marijuana patients have experienced an overwhelming blackout after consuming an entire medical marijuana edible. To avoid this, MMJ patients are recommended to microdose medical marijuana shortly before bed to stimulate a healthy night’s rest.

Medicate While on the Move

From depression to chronic pain and everything in between, microdosing allows you to medicate while on the move.

However, we want to be clear: never microdose medical marijuana while operating heavy machinery, such as a vehicle.

Microdosing allows MMJ patients to maintain a relatively solid grasp of their mental and physical capacity. Therefore, microdosing is an effective way to help medical marijuana patients that are rarely home yet need to consume MMJ.

How to Microdose Medical Marijuana

Next, let’s take a look at how to microdose MMJ.

Below, we’ll go over the primary categories of medical marijuana products and how to microdose them.

Microdosing Medical Marijuana Flowers

Medical marijuana flowers are relatively easy to microdose because the effects are felt quickly.

Whether you use a pipe or rolling papers, it’s best to limit yourself to a single puff. A single puff is typically the starting point when microdosing medical marijuana flowers.

If you want to fine-tune your experience — you must experiment with the amount inhaled. In other words, there’s a big difference between taking a massive hit and a small puff from a single drag.

Overall, it’s best to take notes on how small of a hit you can take to feel the perfect balance of effects.

Microdosing Medical Marijuana Edibles

Microdosing MMJ edibles are far more tricky compared to flowers or concentrates.

Remember, edibles must travel through various organs, thus increasing the time to feel the effects. Therefore, it will take 1-3-hours to experience the effects of microdosed MMJ edibles.

However, edibles provide longer-lasting effects and stronger sensations. Therefore, medical marijuana patients must consume a small amount when microdosing for the first time.

Depending on the brand, you should begin with a quarter of the recommended serving size and wait until you feel the effects. Overall, you can fine-tune the dosage as you become more experienced with a specific medical marijuana edible.

Microdosing Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Microdosing medical marijuana extracts is relatively easy because they are potent and fast-acting.

There are two types of medical marijuana extracts that we’ll discuss: tinctures and wax.

Tinctures are extracts that are typically consumed sublingually. In other words, patients place a few drops of tincture below the tongue and let it rest for 30-60-seconds.

Once absorbed, MMJ patients may experience effects in as little as 15-minutes. Thus, patients can quickly find the ideal microdose one drop at a time.

Alternatively, wax-based concentrates are typically consumed with an oil rig or vaporizer. Wax-based medical marijuana extracts are extremely potent and must be treated with care.

Typically, it’s best to start with a single puff of medical marijuana extract. Once again, measure the puff because a single puff can be one too many — especially if you’re new to MMJ.

Ultimately, medical marijuana patients should find a small amount of concentrate that produces balanced effects without being too powerful.

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