Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana and Anxiety

Florida has it all — white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, and year-round picture-perfect weather. At first glance, everyone would agree that it’s as good as it gets.

However, the surrounding environment can’t cure underlying mental issues, such as anxiety. This is especially common with the COVID-19 situation we are all facing. Even if you’re under the warm sun, the weight of anxiety can extinguish your will to seize the day.

Luckily, medical marijuana is known to produce anxiety-fighting benefits. If you’re experiencing anxiety, read along to understand how medical marijuana can support mental wellness.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects millions of Americans daily. Anxiety produces intense fear and excessive worry around everyday situations. The symptoms include an accelerated heart rate, sweaty palms, rapid breathing, fatigue, and a constant feeling of unease.

In other words, anxiety does not let you relax. Instead, anxiety keeps you on edge, even during the most mundane moments of the day. Whether you’re on a gorgeous beach in Florida or poolside in California — anxiety is a buzz kill.

Can I Apply For a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida If I Suffer From Anxiety?


There are many valid medical conditions that you can claim to apply for a medical marijuana card in Florida. Luckily, a recent amendment to the current medical marijuana framework includes the flexability for certifying physicians to include anxiety.

Therefore, you can contact a medical marijuana doctor near you to discuss the benefits of a medical marijuana license. Many patients are all to happy to discover they can greatly reduce or completely eliminate strong and addictive benzodiazepine based medications when treating with medical cannabis. In most cases this decreases medication based side effects and increses quality of life and personal enjoyment.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana When Treating Anxiety

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana When Treating Anxiety

Now, let’s look at the benefits of medical marijuana when treating anxiety.

Remember, anxiety is not a standalone illness. In other words, anxiety is typically accompanied by depression, insomnia, and even PTSD. As you can imagine, each of these additional illnesses is also valid for applying for a medical marijuana license in Florida.

Medical Marijuana Relieves Stress

One of the main culprits that cause anxiety is stress.

The more stress you take on, the more likely it is that you will encounter anxiety. However, feelings of anxiety can stimulate feelings of stress. In other words, stress can be the result or cause of anxiety.

Research shows that medical marijuana is incredibly effective at reducing stress. The combination of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes promote a feeling of relaxation — especially medical marijuana with high levels of myrcene, terpinolene, and linalool.

Medical Marijuana Decreases Depression

Once again, depression can be both the cause or the result of anxiety.

Depression intensifies the effects of anxiety because it isolates you further. As your will to do anything diminishes, it becomes less likely that you will act to pull yourself up.

Medical marijuana, especially sativa-dominant strains, are ideal at combatting depression. Sativa-dominant strains promote energy, creativity, and new perspectives in your day-to-day life.

Since depression drags you down, a potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain may be the trick to getting you back on your feet.

Medical Marijuana Supports a Healthy Night’s Rest

Dwelling on fear directly impacts your ability to sleep.

Sleep is one of the body’s most essential needs because it allows your mind and body to recharge for the next day. From your immune system to your mental wellbeing — you need sleep.

However, mulling over anxious thoughts while trying to sleep is a potent recipe for insomnia. Luckily, medical marijuana, primarily indica-dominant strains, promotes sleep.

By choosing a medical marijuana strain that’s rich in THC or CBD, you will rest assured that you’ll fall asleep when you’re ready. Specifically, ask the budtender at your local medical marijuana dispensary in Florida which strain they recommend for insomnia.

Typically, indica-dominant strains that contain myrcene, linalool, and bisabolol are excellent for combatting insomnia. By getting the sleep you deserve, you’ll be one step closer to reducing the effects of anxiety.

Medical Marijuana Supports Inner Wellness

Inner wellness is an essential aspect that you must understand when dealing with anxiety.

However, it’s not easy to feel great about everything that’s going on around you. From political arguments to an ongoing pandemic, you can’t just snap your fingers and say everything is ok.

Medical marijuana’s properties, however, can make you see the bright side of things. As you consume medical marijuana, your perspective shifts as the psychoactive effects take place. Your mind and body relax, creative thoughts appear, and suddenly, the world seems better than before you rolled a joint.

As we previously mentioned, medical marijuana reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. All of these issues are negative, and with the help of medical marijuana, you can turn negativity into positivity.

Although medical marijuana isn’t a cure by any means, it is an effective product that can assist you when you need it most. Aside from medical marijuana, it’s best to employ these habits into your daily routine while experiencing anxiety.

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise daily
  • Maintain a positive outlook

Where to Find the Best Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida

If you’re ready to enjoy everything that Florida has to offer once again, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Compassionate Healthcare of Florida.

There’s no worse feeling than anxiety, and medical marijuana is a potent therapeutic that has your back. The doctors at Compassionate Healthcare of Florida can quickly help you obtain your medical marijuana license. Your medical marijuana doctor can help you find the best products for your specific needs, from edibles to concentrates. If you are still on the fence about full strength THC sold at the dispensaries once you have your medical card, Delta-8 THC is a good starting option for patients and is legal in Florida without your medical card.

Whether it’s your first time applying or you’re a returning patient, call CHF today and discover the benefits that medical marijuana has to offer.