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About UsOur team and philosophy is what set us apart from others in the field.  We are driven by the goal of expanding care to those who would benefit from medical marijuana.  We want all patients to feel confident that they are not alone after visiting our practice.  We are available to assist them from the first moment they come to see us and for as long as they feel they are benefiting from using MMJ.

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As a practice we believe strongly in the leveraging of more natural treatment methods such as the medical use of cannabis. We feel that the benefits offered can not be overlooked, especially when some people have tried more traditional methods and have been limited to minimal treatment options and inadequate care.

Meet our doctor

Dr. Heidi Kunstman

Dr. Heidi Kunstman

Dr. Heidi Kunstman, a board certified pediatrician, brings to Compassionate Healthcare of Florida a special empathy and kindness that serves our patients especially well.  When meeting with Dr. Kunstman as a patient, you can expect her to both listen and guide you to a better quality of life.

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