Marco Island, FL Marijuana Doctors

Compassionate Healthcare of Florida is a leading Marco Island medical marijuana doctors office serving Southwest Florida. Our main office is based in Naples and we serve patients in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Marco Island, and the surrounding areas.

Our practice sets itself apart by concentrating on our customer service and ongoing patient relationships, apparent in our 5-Star rating on Google. We are as involved as patients want us to be and spend as much time on education and follow-up as patients desire.

Regardless of whether you are a veteran of the medical marijuana program, just in need of your new 7-month orders, or are entirely new to medical cannabis, our medical marijuana doctors in Marco Island are here to ensure you get your certification as quickly as possible.

We certify for all methods of use with maximum orders and always stand by our risk-free guarantee that patients qualify or pay nothing. Don’t wait any longer to realize the life-altering benefits medical marijuana in Marco Island has provided for countless others!

Visit us online at or follow us on social media @flmmjhealth. We are available to patients at (833) 633-3665.

How To Get Certified For Medical Marijuana In Marco Island

Regardless if you are a full time or part-time Resident, the Florida Medical Marijuana Program is available to you. It is not hard to get certified, but you will need to:

  1. Make an appointment to see one of our Marco Island, FL medical marijuana Doctors
  2. Complete the OMMU State Application – Don’t worry we always assist with this, and Florida residents can be approved to purchase same day!

Seeing The Certifying Marco Island Marijuana Doctor

When you make an appointment to see our Marco Island marijuana doctors, you can expect them to go over your medical history with you and any current medications you are taking. They may do a brief exam and listen to your heart and lungs. They will primarily be discussing what you are seeking to treat with medical marijuana and what symptoms you would like medical cannabis to help you with. For patients new to medical cannabis, we will recommend a custom treatment plan that includes different methods of use or “ways to take marijuana” that have proven beneficial to many other patients with similar conditions and goals. We will also outline some specific strains and “types of cannabis” that will likely work best for you. We will not limit your ability to purchase what is available by the state dispensaries, as the most significant relief will usually require a small amount of experimentation to pinpoint the best regimen. We will also provide you with a new patient guide and a lot of written materials so you can review this at your own pace. We will be available for any questions or concerns 7-days a week and will look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

Completing The State Application

After your appointment, you will immediately be entered into the Florida Registry and have all your orders input into the system. Once this is complete, you will be emailed a temporary passcode to log into the Florida Registry. Once you log in, you will be prompted to change your password, and you will be able to access your profile. You will then complete four main components, which are relatively straightforward and include confirming or adding a photo, proving full or part-time Florida residency, typing your name to sign the application, and paying the state’s annual $75 application fee. Once this is complete, those with a Florida Driver License or State ID can purchase right away. All others will receive initial approval by email in approximately 5-10 business days, followed by a physical card being mailed to you. As soon as you receive the approval email, you can begin to purchase medical marijuana in Marco Island Florida.

For computer-savvy patients, the state application is relatively easy to complete, but it is vital to submit the correct documentation to avoid rejection delays. Compassionate Healthcare of Florida always assists patients looking for help with their application as dealing with the “paperwork” should not be a barrier for patients seeking to gain the relief of medical marijuana. See our video on Completing the OMMU State Application for a simple overview of what it entails.

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