Why Did The Florida OMMU Deny My Medical Marijuana Application?

We hear about this all too often……a phone call from a frustrated patient saying, “I have been rejected!” There can be many reasons for this and usually, it is an easy fix to have the state re-review and issue your card; so, read on for the most common reasons Florida may initially reject your medical cannabis application.

Proof of Residency Issues

You need to be a full-time or seasonal resident in Florida to get approved for medical marijuana.

If you are a full-time Florida Resident

Did you not submit a FL ID or Drivers License?

Likely Issue: Your Marijuana Doctor put you into the registry as a full-time Florida Resident and you MUST use a Florida Drivers License or ID Card. The OMMU will not allow alternative methods of proof when entered as a full-time resident.

Is your Florida Drivers License or ID valid?

Likely Issue: Your Florida Drivers License or ID Card that you submitted is expired. Re-submit a valid photograph of a Florida Drivers License or ID Card that is still active and has yet to expire.

Does your address on your Drivers License/ID differ from the registry information?

Likely Issue: It was input wrong or you have since moved and not yet updated your info with the DMV. Contact your Marijuana Doctor or correct this on your profile page.

Was the copy you submitted clear and show the entire card?

Likely Issue: It is not legible or clear enough for the OMMU to validate the information. Please resubmit a good copy of it.

If you are a seasonal resident

Did you submit a copy of your FL lease/rental agreement, deed, mortgage, or mortgage payment booklet with your name, and address on it along with the signature page?

Likely Issue: You did not submit a clear copy that shows your information, a Florida address, and a signature on it (signature page). Resubmit this information and to prevent further delays, sending more is better than less.

Did you submit a signed letter from a Florida Resident you are staying with along with a copy of the lease/rental agreement or mortgage and a copy of their ID?

Likely Issue: The letter did not state a time frame of “when to when” you are staying with them. The state is looking for a period of 31 days or greater. Don’t forget to send a copy of their ID with the letter and lease, mortgage, etc.

Photo Issues

If you are a full-time Florida Resident

If you have a Florida ID Card or Driver’s License from the DMV, the OMMU is connected to the Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles State ID system and your photo should transfer over electronically.

Likely Issue: If it did not populate in your OMMU profile than either your DOB or Social Security Number were entered wrong and/or do not match the DMV records. Confirm with your Marijuana Doctor that the information is correct or contact the helpline at (800) 808-9580 to see if it can be re-pulled from the DMV.


Likely Issue: You accidentally (or intentionally if you did not like the DMV photo) uploaded another that overrode the one transferred by the DMV; however, it was not a good copy or did not meet the photo requirements. Please upload a new photo or contact the OMMU helpline to request they re-pull the DMV photo.

If you are a seasonal resident

If you are a seasonal resident you will need to submit a copy of a good color photograph or if you submitted a paper application, include a 2X2 passport-type photo.

Likely Issue: The photo does not meet the guidelines required. Believe it or not, it happens all too often that patients submitted a photograph of them at the beach or them with friends, etc. The OMMU needs a color headshot photograph. If in doubt, go to Walgreens or another place that takes passport photos and get one taken. You can then take a digital photo of it and use this.

Other Issues Often Seen

Incorrect gender or DOB.

Likely Issue: Although it does not usually prompt a denial, it is common for female patients to be entered under the male gender. This is due to the preset field on the OMMU site not being correctly selected. It is a good idea to call your Marijuana Doctor and have them correct this for you. The same thing with the DOB, it will not 100% prompt a denial, but it should be corrected.

You arrive at the dispensary and cannot purchase flower.

Likely Issue: You do not have a physician order for smokable flower input on your profile. Contact your Marijuana Doctor and request it be updated. If they agree or just made an error, they can add this order in real-time while you are waiting at the dispensary.


Likely Issue: You have used your 35-day 2.5 oz allotment up or have not been ordered the full amount by your Marijuana Physician. You can call your doctor and have them increase the amount if it is less than 2.5 oz otherwise you have to wait until the next order period begins.

Resubmitting Your Application

When resubmitting your application keep in mind it will take 5 business days to re-review and approve from when you submit the updated documents requested. You will need to resign (or type) your name each time the application is resubmitted. If you know that something was submitted in error, it is a good idea to call the OMMU helpline and ask them to “force-reject” your application. This is required before you can resubmit new information and will end up saving you some time. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to have to wait 40 minutes for a representative when calling, so we recommend doing this first thing in the morning to avoid the long wait.

If you are in need of a Medical Marijuana Card on Florida’s West Coast, contact Compassionate Healthcare of Florida today for a risk-free appointment. We are conveniently located in Naples and never charge anything extra for additional methods of use or require more frequent follow-ups than what the state mandates.