save money on marijuana
Everyone knows that the cost of medical cannabis can add up. Although in the end in may be much less than other pharmaceutical options, it can still get expensive.

Some Things Patients Can Do To Save On MMJ Include:

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Sign up with different MMTC in Florida to find the best fit for you and utilize the New Patient discounts and promotions that they offer.  It is a good idea to shop around at the different medical marijuana treatment centers and take advantage of what they have to offer patients.  Some of the new patient promotions provide up to 25% off, so it’s a great way to save particularly if you are making a larger purchase.



MMTC’s are always getting new batches of products in and need to make space for them.  In order to boost customer purchases they offer sales to patients, which can quickly add up to large financial savings.  Besides making additional room, MMTC’s are always trying to compete with each other.  One way they do this is with different sales that are aimed to attract the business of prospective patients.  If you search around, you would be hard pressed not to find an ongoing sale.

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Rather than going to the dispensary every week to obtain your medication, try to buy in larger quantities a little less often to save.  Just like purchases from Costco or Sams Club may save you money in the long run, bulk purchases from medical marijuana treatment centers can do the same.  I would not recommend purchasing 6 months of product at once, as you want the product to be as potent as it first was and degradation occurs with marijuana, especially if not stored in optimal conditions.  Moving from once a week purchases to once a month should work out well in saving money and keeping fresh medication on hand.

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Almost all MMTC’s offer some sort of rewards programs that patients can join for free.  These may give points that you can use toward future products and items.  Additional points are often attainable by referring other patients and during particular promotional times of the year.   This is also a great way to keep up to date with current sales going on and new product additions.  One thing to keep in mind is that you are often added to different promotional lists, so if you don’t want to get emails and text messages regarding new products, sales or updates, make sure you let the MMTC know about your communication preferences.



To keep your medication as potent and fresh as possible, store it properly in a cool dark place.  There are many fancy products on the market that are specifically designed to hold cannabis and may include built in screens for catching trichomes and fancy woods and humidor options.   Although the prior are very nice, they are certainly not a requirement for storing medical marijuana and a clean mason jar kept in a cool, dry place provides one of the best environments for storing and curing cannabis. To read on MMJ Gear, click here.

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It is important to keep in mind that multiple consumption methods exist for medical marijuana.  Each one has its own time of onset, duration and intensity.  The individual consumption methods also have specific symptoms that they work best in reducing or alleviating.  It is often a matter of trial and error finding what works best for your individual case, but once you fine tune it to your needs you can end up saving quite a bit compared to only using one method for everything.   For more on consumption methods click here

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Patients should find the best MMTC that works best for them.  When it comes to a Marijuana Doctor, I would give the same advice.  Although most providers are out to help serve their patients, it is important to keep your eyes out for those who may lure patients in with different pricing schemes, but then have additional fees, restrictions and requirements.  Some of the most common are an additional cost for adding the whole flower method of smoking, additional monthly fees or huge costs for re-certification.  Some other things to inquire about are the visit frequency.  Florida law mandates that you are seen at least every 210 days, so it is important to see if the provider will abide by that or force patients to follow-up more often.