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Nugs Jar

Nugs Jar

Nugs jars may perform the same job as a mason jar, but it does it in style and make great gifts. Etched Glass stash jars by Twisted420Glass will keep your herbs fresh and stashed in style. Food grade, smell proof, etched glass stash jar has brushed aluminum screw on lid. Personal herbal jar size roughly 2.5″w x 3.5″T and retails for $22.49,



Despite the many advances in accoutrements, the smell left behind when smoking flower is still unavoidable. Ditch the harsh chemicals of old school odor control products like Ozium in favor of Cannabolish—an all-natural spray and candle line to clear the air around you. Made from natural plant oils and water, it’s effective in removing the scent of smoke quickly and is safe for use around plants, animals, and people. $29.99,

The Cannabis Encyclopedia

Cannabis Encyclopedia

Chapters on medical cannabis history, cannabinoid measurement and medical varieties provide a firm background for medical patients and caregivers. The Medicinal Concentrates and Cooking with Medicinal Cannabis chapters feature many different methods to concentrate and consume cannabis. Overall The Cannabis Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to medical marijuana cultivation and consumption. It explains all the essential techniques to grow indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Keep in mind cannabis production by patients and caregivers is not legal in Florida so this is strictly informational! $46.35,

Pollen Sifter

Kief Pollen Sifter Box

Make the most out of your herb with a pollen sifter or kief box. This mini sifter box has a sturdy bamboo construction, high-strength magnetic seals, 100 micron mesh screen, and a smooth tempered glass catch tray. The durable bamboo creates a sturdy enclosure that is ideal for extended daily use, while the strong magnets securely hold each section of the box together to ensure the herbs and pollen stay separated. The fine mesh screen and glass catch tray provide optimal pollen filtering and collection. The pollen or trichomes can be used for a variety of purposes to greatly increase your medical marijuana potency. $41.99,

Revolution’s Forever Flawless

Forever Flawless Chilled Palette

It’s time to chill, Makeup Revolution’s Forever Flawless Chilled Palette is here to effortlessly up your eyeshadow game. This green toned palette brings good vibes only. With 18 earthy toned matte, shimmer and pressed glitter powder shadows there’s no end to the amount of eye looks to be had. Infused with nourishing cannabis sativa seed oil, the powder shadows have strong buildable pigments. With names like Relax, Haze, Hybrid, Dope, Exhale, and Bud, this eyeshadow palette is perfect for the makeup-loving marijuana enthusiast! Vegan and cruelty free. $15,

Ryot SmellSafe Carbon Series Bag

Ryat smell proof

Think of it like a sunglasses case, except, for your pipe. Next time you’re traveling with your pipe, so you can pack it up with MMJ once you arrive at your destination, rest assured that if its contained in this Ryot case, it will arrive safely. Ryot’s trademarked SmellSafe Carbon Series bags incorporate extensive carbon fiber padding that both neutralizes and traps odors in its pores. Coated weather-proof fabric and moisture seal zipper also provide a true physical barrier to keep odors in and the weather out. All you have to do to re-activate the carbon lining filters, is simply put it in the dryer for 5 minutes. $27,

Marley Natural Cannabis Tray

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A premium, multi-use prep Tray features functional design while doubling as a beautiful lifestyle display piece. The striking black walnut wood base is finished in teak oil and features a specially contoured cutout corner for convenient pouring. A wooden scraper, with built in magnet created to fit the Tray’s dimensions, allows for an integrated preparation of herb to complement your smoking ritual. The Small Tray is 0.75″ H x 9″ L x 5.5″ W. $65,

Raw Hemp Plastic Roller

Raw joint roller

Although anyone can learn to roll a joint, its very rare to prefect the art to the level delivered by a rolling machine. Quick, cheap and easy, the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is made from eco-friendly German Hemp Plastic. These rollers are produced on the island of Kudus, Indonesia where the original clove cigarette factories were established. Pair with plant based papers for great results! $3.75,

Cannabis Cookie Stamp Kit

Cookie Stamp

Make those extra special treats! Made from a non-toxic material used to create cool cookie designs that look amazing and taste great! BPA FREE, food safe silicone. Non-stick material allows for easy release and simple to clean. Stainless steel cookie cutter that won’t rust. The silicone pieces and cookie cutter are dishwasher safe!
Can be used for stamping on cookies, edibles, fondants, chocolate snacks, butter patties and other amazing creations. GREAT GIFT for that friend that has everything! Also great for stamping soap, candles, decorations and other crafts. $15.99,

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