Crew Wildlife and Environmental Area

Crew Wildlife and Environmental Area

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Animals, trees, and aquatic habitats maintain a functioning ecosystem. Healthy ecosystems enable us to survive, to obtain enough food to eat and to live. The ecosystems and humans suffer as animals die or drop in number. That is why CREW Wildlife and Environmental Area is established in the aim of helping take care of animals, plants and marine biodiversity.

CREW Wildlife and Environment Area (WEA) consist of three areas totaling more than 28,000 acres. These areas are Corkscrew Marsh, Flint Pen Strand and Bird Rookery Swamp. The area is being blended with marshes, pinelands, hammocks of oaks, and swamps of cypress and CREW guarantee vital protection for swallow-tailed kites, black bears, and panthers in Florida.

There are three hiking loops on the Corkscrew Marsh Unit that differ in length from one to two miles across three distinctive natural ecosystems in the area: wetlands, hammocks, and pinelands. The Cypress Dome Trail complex is situated in the Corkscrew Marsh System and consists of 6 miles of trails running through cypress, oak hammocks, wetlands and pinelands. The wetlands path connects to an observation deck overlooking the vast wetlands where anyone can enjoy bird watching.

Necessary licenses, permits and stamps are required for individuals accessing CREW wildlife and environmental areas. The following individuals are excluded from all license and permit provisions (except quota permits): Individuals of Florida who are 65 years of age or older; citizens who hold a Florida Restricted Adult Shooting and Fishing Certificate; inhabitants of the United States; Armed Forces, not deployed in Florida, but on leave at home for 30 days or less; and children under the age of 16. Kids under the age of 16 are excluded from federal duck markings.

During the developed archery, muzzleloading rifle, and general seasons of weapons are the only time where hunting is permitted on CREW provided that the hunter can present a Quota hunt license or permit for hunting. In the area of the Corkscrew Marsh hiking path and the Pigeon Rookery Swamp logging trams, shooting is forbidden. Fishing is allowed all throughout the year. Camping at the specified primitive campsite in the Corkscrew Marsh Area is allowed provided with a permit. Kayaks and canoes are the only types of boats allowed.

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