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Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Have a Full Day of Fun and Wildlife Experiences at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Nationally accredited, the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is among the very best attractions in the city. Situated in well established tropical gardens with shady fully grown trees, exotic landscaping and lakes, the zoo was founded by Dr. Henry Nehrling. It began as a tropical garden in 1919,  and today celebrated by locals and travelers, this 52-acre park features exotic creatures such as panthers, alligators, leopards, bears, lions, giraffes, a giant anteater, and lemurs. Guests pay one rate to enjoy lively multimedia animal shows and feedings and a boat ride around Monkey Island.

It started as an arboretum, so its flora integrates with its extraordinary selection of fauna to make it world-class. For its size, it boasts some superlative exhibits. The Black Bear Hammock, for example, is the largest such accredited exhibit eastern of the Mississippi. Followers of the film “Madagascar” will surely recognize one of the Naples Zoo’s inhabitants, the fosa, in Petroff’s Primate Pavilion exhibit. The exhibit is additionally home to another Madagascar native, the lemur. The grounds are beautifully maintained with the lavish plants of the zoo’s once-called Caribbean Gardens. As you walk around the premises, stop and check out the rare Indochinese tigers and a collection of other interesting mammals like hyenas and leopards. Although recent visitors say to take in all the sights and shows it requires about four hours from top to bottom, it is unequivocally worth visiting.

Much more than a walk-through zoo, this historic tropical garden and nationally accredited zoo features a full day of wildlife experiences to inspire people of all ages to respect, value and help conserve wildlife and our natural world. Naples Zoo is also one of only a few zoos in the U.S.A. that house honey badgers! With a focus on conservation and education, families will not only see fantastic animals yet likewise find out actions they can take to save the species in the wild.

You will certainly discover a full day of fun activities as well as rarely seen species here go to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens today!

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