Top Cannabis Flower in Florida

Step into any Florida dispensary, and you’ll be met with an endless amount of cannabis options. However, the creme de la creme of all Florida dispensaries sit on the top shelf.

There, you’ll find the best cannabis flowers that money can buy. Expect to see buds bursting with trichomes and a terpene profile that will send your senses to another dimension.

After all, the cannabis scene in Florida is slowly becoming one of the best in the United States. Growers all over the state are hard at work crafting new strains or growing classics.

That’s why Floridians are such cannabis connoisseurs. They’re spoiled by the endless amounts of top-shelf weed that lines the walls of dispensaries.

However, there are a few top cannabis flower strains that are highly sought after and stand out among the rest.

To find out more about the top cannabis strains in Florida dispensaries right now, then continue reading below.

Ice Cream GelatoMuv Ice Cream Gelato

Ice Cream Gelato is as refreshing and delicious as it sounds. One whiff of the trichome drenched buds will fill your nose with aromas of vanilla.

Once you load Ice Cream Gelato into a pipe or vape, your tongue will be greeted with sweet, creamy, and nutty highlights. On exhale, your anxieties will slowly wash away as a relaxing ease sets in.

However, you won’t be totally glued to the couch like from a pure indica. After all, Ice Cream Gelato is a hybrid that leaves one feeling social and talkative, yet relaxed.

Floridians love this MUV strain when they’re heading out to a party or relaxing with friends. It’s the perfect strain for staying engaged without getting too paranoid or spaced out.

Guru #10

One of MUV’s $32 Tier-3 offerings, this strain is called Guru because it will lead you to your inner self. What we mean is that you’ll feel pure relaxation in both body and mind with Guru #10.

That’s because Guru #10 is an indica with a potency that packs a punch at around 19.78% THC. However, this strain won’t leave you feeling like a puddle on the floor.

Instead, you’ll be treated to a bed of clouds as you exhale the sweet and grapefruit flavored smoke. This long-lasting strain will help you unwind after a long day or settle in for an evening on the beach or in the hammock.


A common sight on the top shelf of Florida dispensaries is SSI95. This strain is a perfect 50/50 balance between an indica and sativa.

That makes SSI95 the ultimate hybrid. Perfect for both day and night, SSI95 will be your companion at the start or end of the day.

This strain is loud because everyone will smell it as soon as you open up a jar. The room will be filled with a pungent bouquet of diesel fuel and sour funk.

Your pain will wash away after a few tokes, but you won’t feel sluggish. Instead, your mind will stay focused, and you’ll have enough energy to get your errands done. If you are looking to stock up on SSI95 – head over to MUV to grab this Tier-2 flower retailing at $40 an eight and having around 21.95% THC.

Florida KeysFloridaKeys 600x600 1

Florida Keys is a Growhealthy strain that makes you feel like you’re on the beach at Dry Tortugas National Park. Filled with serenity, you have no care in the world or the need to move a single muscle.

It’s the exact same thing with the Florida Keys strain. That’s because this strain is a heavy indica with sedative effects. It’s genetics are a cross between Bubba Kush x Key Lime Mints.

Just a few puffs will have you completely locked into whatever you happen to be sitting or laying on. That’s why we recommend only smoking Florida Keys when your pajamas are already on. Florida Keys has a nice terpene profile dominated with trans-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene and beta-Myrcene.

This strain is also excellent for those who need to manage pain or let their worries wash away. Just remember to open a window when opening the jar because Florida keys is pungent. Although an eight of Florida Keys retails for $60, you can find it often on sale for $36.

Mandarin Sunsetmandarinsunset circle

If you’re after a strain that’s relaxing yet not overpowering, then Mandarin Sunset is for you. This incredible Grow Healthy Master Grower Series™ strain is all about effects over pure potency.

After all, it’s not breaking any THC records at around 15-20%, depending on the MMTC. However, it’s one of the best indicas for becoming relaxed and feeling content.

Mandarin Sunset will clear your mind and relax your body—perfect for getting a good night’s rest. However, it’s also an excellent strain for letting your creativity flow.

One whiff of Mandarin Sunset, and you’ll notice sweet and citrusy aromas with a hint of sandalwood. After a few puffs, sweet orange notes and diesel flavors will roll off your tongue.

Trulieve also has an indica dominate strain of Mandarin Sunset bred by Ethos Genetics. Herijuana crossed with Orange Skunk creates this amazing strain profile.

Big Love

TL Big Love

Big Love is a well-balanced hybrid that with vibrant purple hues and a strong green profile. This is one of our favorites from Trulieve and clocks in at a non-overpowering 17% THC. The aroma from this strain is very sweet, piney and floral.

The flavor is rich and earthy up front with a piney finish. One can experience euphoric and cerebral effects when using Big Love. This hybrid aromatic bud provides an uplifting experience that will wash away life’s stresses and is part of the Old Hippie Stash line developed as a collaboration between Trulieve and The Bellamy Brothers.

Orange Kush Cake

It’s no surprise that Orange Kush Cake can be found on the top shelf of dispensaries around Florida. After all, the sunshine state is one of the largest producers of citrus.

However, Orange Kush Cake will give you the impression that you’re in a citrus field. That’s because this trichome-drenched strain wafts brilliant orange and citrus aromas.

Orange Kush Cake is great for those who want to feel better in both body and mind. Orange Kush Cake will lift you up to euphoric heights before washing over you with soothing relaxation.

Perfect for tough days or ones where you need a little pick me up, Orange Kush is there for you. You can find this indica dominate hybrid at Curaleaf and is a must try.

Runtz0012 Runtz S1

Runtz is one of the most popular strains nationwide, but especially in Florida. That’s because Runtz is a true connoisseur-grade strain that hails from the famed Cookies Fam.

Not only does it have a flavor and aroma that will knock your socks off, but a mind-blowing potency as well. However, Runtz is the perfect daytime strain that will keep you on the move.

Expect to feel uplifted, social, energized, and completely euphoric. After this heady rush, Runtz will bring you into a carefree and tranquil comedown.

Just be careful with this one, because one toke too many can send you beyond the clouds. Runtz can be found at Liberty Health Sciences and clocks in at ~22% THC.

Try the Top Cannabis Flowers in Florida

Before you rush off to find one of these strains in a Florida dispensary, make sure you have a medical marijuana license. That’s because only mmj cardholders are allowed inside Florida dispensaries.

If you don’t have a medical marijuana license or need a renewal, then let Compassionate Healthcare of Florida help. Here at Compassionate Healthcare of Florida, our mission is to provide passionate healthcare by expanding access to Florida medical marijuana doctors.

Let us help you through your journey to medical cannabis by getting in touch with us today. Then, once you have your mmj license, you’ll have access to all of Florida’s top cannabis flower strains.