Top 8 Difference Between Joints and Blunts

Are you new in the world of being high on cannabis? Chances are you do not know the difference between joints and blunts. Smoking cannabis is common on a group or individual basis. How to smoke is your choice to make. There are several ways of using cannabis, even without smoking. The most generally used method is making a joint or a blunt.

Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the creative art, skill, and potential of rolling. They celebrate the process. The content and rolling material give the two a significant difference. Some people tend to find joint-rolling easier than the blunts.

What is a Joint?

Joint is a known traditional way of consuming cannabis. Funny? Call them small and easily portable. And it is easy to spot a join anywhere. Cannabis is rolled up in white thinly made paper. The unique paper comes in different flavors and colors. These papers come in all sorts of variations. Some are small or big, and others are made of hemp, paper, or rice.

There is no burning of fingers with joints. They have a filter that allows you to smoke to the end. Filters make the rolls stable.

Points to note about joint

  • It is the most common roll in the USA
  • the contents are majorly cannabis

How to roll a blunt

Follow the below steps.

  1. Get weed strain of choice. Use your finger or grinder to break down the weed.
  2. Pick your rolling paper. Fold it around three millimeters.
  3. Place the paper on one side. Let the sticky part face upwards towards you. Put the ground weed on the top of the paper. Pinch the bottom side to the top side
  4. Press and push the weed down as you roll with your thumb. One thumb to go up, tucking the tail. Use saliva to the sticky side and roll slowly.
  5. Stick a similarly shaped object to at the top While tapping the substance on hard ground.

Enjoy your puff! You have made it.

What is a Blunt?

Blunt is a form of cigar whose tobacco has been replaced with cannabis. Tobacco leaf wrappers are also used to make blunts. Tobacco adds excitement and a high to smoking. To an extent, the wrapping contains a high amount of nicotine.

The name originated from the Phillies Blunt cigar brand.

Points to note about blunt

  • To make blunt, people use inexpensive cigars. You need the leaf paper and not the contents.
  • Any cigar can be used, not necessarily blunt cigar leaves.

How to roll a blunt

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Use your fingers or grinder to grind the cannabis
  2. Take a cigar, cut it open in the middle and remove the contents.
  3. Moisturize the cigar wrap either with water or saliva. Once moistened, it becomes easy to roll.
  4. Spread the ground cannabis in the roll. Around two grams. Roll the sides using your fingers and seal the edges with your saliva.

There you have your blunt ready. Smoking a blunt includes nicotine from the tobacco contents in the cigar wrap.

Have you noted any difference between the two?

Read on to understand more about joints and blunts. Then you will choose which alternative suits you. See the below.

  1. Appearance

The color of the paper used marks one significant difference.

Joints are normally white and almost transparent Due to thinness. However, you can get a different color. It all depends on the material you choose. But most of them have an off-white color. Being thin makes them easier to roll and with no cracks.

Blunt is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most of them are tan-colored. Fronto leaf and backwood wraps tend to have veins since they are natural leaves. Blunt will either be smooth on the outside or rigid depending on how it is rolled. If you fail to store blunts in a cool place, they crack.

  1. Tobacco

The paper used gives a significant difference between the two. Blunt is rolled with a cigar that contains tobacco. Some people use the strips of front leaves to make a joint. If you use a hemp wrap, it does not have tobacco which is good for beginners. One merit of tobacco in blunt is that it helps to hold more cannabis.

An average joint will hold around a gram of weed, for the blunt will hold two to three grams of weed.

  1. Time to Burn

A reason why one may choose a blunt over a joint is their burn time. Blunt will tend to burn longer than joint. Since blunt is thick and it burns for a longer time. Joints use rolling paper which is thin with a shorter burn time. Where you want a joint with a longer burn duration, look for slow-burning paper or thick paper.

Solo smokers, fast smokers, or two people sharing will go for joints. Where a group is smoking, they prefer the slow-burning of blunts.

  1. Costs

In terms of price, the rolling paper has more smoke as compared to the regular cigar. The cost of a cigar will get you approximately fifty rolling papers. Where you want to smoke tobacco, go for fronto leaves. The price of two cigars will give you a fronto which amounts to two blunts.

  1. How to Roll

Joint rolling papers are easy to make into a roll with no or fewer complications. It is recommended for beginners learning how to roll. So simple as it compares with pulling the paper itself. Joint’s paper does not dry or get cracks.

Rolling a blunt includes having a fresh wrap. Your wraps should always be stored in a humidor to avoid becoming dry where they are dry; breath on them until they become moist enough to roll. Otherwise, they will crack. Check if your wraps have holes or cracks in them.

  1. Flavor

Joints have no flavor in them. If you wish to, you can purchase flavored joint papers from any marijuana shop. Once you try them, there is a likelihood of flavor interfering with your cannabis. But it is not bad giving it a try. Right?

Blunts come in all sorts of flavors. Also, it is more flavored due to the presence of tobacco and nicotine. If you are accustomed to nicotine, they are more refreshing. Fruity flavor, Swisher sweets, Garcia, Vega, and White Owl, are some of the available and most used flavors.

Rolling papers come without flavors. Companies like Juicy Jays make flavored types.

  1. Exterior and Interior

Depending on the care you put to them, they can be smooth or ridged. Joint paper can break due to its thin nature. Blunt can be smooth when the wrap is humid. But when exposed to light, they dry and crack.

  1. Effects

Both leave a different sensation on the smoker. With its small size and quick-to-burn features, joints have a lesser buzz. On the other hand, blunt will make you high for long. For long pot sessions and sharing with friends, blunts work well.

Now you understand what is the difference between the joint and blunt. But maybe you are still wondering what their benefits are? For beginners, go for a joint unless you have a good relationship with nicotine.

The feeling can go from mood-altering to a blissful experience.

  1. The Size

Blunt is relatively larger than joint. The size can also vary depending on how you roll them. Blunt can hold almost twice what joints have. Papers used vary in size from standard to commonly called blankets. o, this also contributes to the size difference.

  1. Smell

Blunt tends to have a potent smell that lasts long and hard to clear quickly. Due to the presence of tobacco, the smell lingers, especially if smoke indoors. Tobacco smell is a bit harsher than cannabis. So, if you must smoke while indoors, consider doing a joint; it will save you the trouble of airing the house for fresh air.

So, a blunt smell is more powerful than a joint smell.

The top benefits.

Joints and blunts will have a reaction that is different for every smoker. Some benefits are:

  • It can reduce body fats. One study found obesity rates to be around 1/3 lower in those who used marijuana
  • Is relatively economical as patients can purchase “minis” and “ground flower” from dispensaries at a discount
  • Some data shows athletes tend to increase enjoyment, recovery and motivation when high
  • Provides an easy method of THC dosing and control compared to edible options

Key takeaways

  • Joints and blunts are some of the various methods used to smoke cannabis.
  • Joints and blunt have differences. Paper color and size are a major difference.
  • Blunts are not recommended for beginners due to its combination with nicotine.

Whether joints or blunts are best depends on who is using them and personal preference. Many people switch between the two to enjoy the best of both options.