Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Sun-N-Fun Lagooon

Relax and Bond With Your Family at Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Numerous studies have shown that taking time off the job for those who are working or studying can be beneficial to physical and psychological health. People taking a break from their stressful and pressure filled environment have reduced depression, lower chance of heart failure, improved life view, improved relationship with family and provide more incentive to accomplish targets. So, take a break and choose Sun-N-Fun Lagoon for you and your family to enjoy. Why do you have to choose this? The answer will be found if you keep on reading.

Sun-N-Fun lagoon is a child-friendly park that features five exciting water slides, a lazy river, a water play area for children and pools for diving, interactive water pistols and fountains. Let’s have a brief discussion of each feature that the park has to offer. The first one is the five water slides on top of a wooden water tower overlooking the park at 38 feet tall. The Sting Ray is a fully enclosed slide, and is the park’s fastest and most exciting ride. All divers will experience seven seconds fall into the pool. There are three other slides that fall into the same pool, and all are a combination of slides that are enclosed and open. When tourists enter the ride, you will indeed sense the feeling of anticipation.

This park also has the Sunny River or what they call the “lazy river”. It is 1,250 linear feet, and ranges from eight to 10 feet wide. The river has two circular paths that differ your travel time around the park between seven minutes and 15 minutes.

Another attraction to enjoy is the Family Falls, a four-feet wide pool. This pool was built with the thought that some parents might like to indulge away from the slides in a quieter atmosphere with their children in the sun and water. The family pool is available for all ages.

Now we will uncover the Children’s main attraction, which is the Turtle Cove. This area is allocated only for children aged between five and 12 years. Turtle Cove holds lily pads with a wire cord overhead in the lake for children to test their navigational skills. Turtle Cove is 3-and-a-half feet deep.

Those were just some of the things that you are going to enjoy if you go to Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity now to enjoy, relax and bond with your family.

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