Best Florida Cannabis Flower

With 81,000 ounces or over 5,000 lbs of whole flower sold each week in Florida, it is safe to say cannabis is here to stay. Currently, 19 dispensaries or Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC’s) are selling flower to Florida patients, but not all flower is created equally. The largest dispensations come from Trulieve, followed by Curaleaf and MÜV. Although the quantity delivered by some of the larger producers is mind-blowing, the quality varies and often, patients do not equate quantity with quality.

Some of the smaller players have recently made waves in Florida, prompting many patients to drive over 400 miles from one side of the state to the other to get their hands on some of the new Florida flower. Two examples of this recent trend are the openings of the dispensaries Jungle Boys and Cookies.

Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys OcalaMade up of a collective of Los Angeles growers with a mission to grow potent quality cannabis, Jungle Boys has gained quite a reputation from its backyard beginnings.

Opening on May 19th in Ocala, Florida, Jungle Boys had their inaugural MMTC Florida opening resulting in sales of over 270 Ounces of premium Florida flower and 22,000mg of THC! With a turnout crowd that prompted a bit of craziness, the products did not disappoint, and seasoned medical patients were delighted at the strain assortment and quality Jungle Boys brought to the medicinal market. Additional stores are underway in Miami, Orlando, and Deerfield Beach, with more to come.


cookies bird road exteriorUnless you are new to cannabis or have been living under a rock— you have likely heard of Cookies. Established by Berner AKA Gilbert Anthony Milam, Jr. and expert grower Jai, the entrepreneurial rapper and legendary grower have produced some of the most iconic cannabis strains and products around. From the classic strain of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) to the branded Stündenglass Gravity Glass Hookah Bong, Cookies is not one to disappoint. With their initial Florida store opening to crowds waiting in line a day before the August 13th, 2022 Miami opening, the quality and reputation of Cookies is well known, particularly to the younger cannabis connoisseurs. They are considered a bit on the pricy side compared to some other Florida MMTC’s; however, you most often get what you pay for.

Besides the new entrants to the market, other Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers such as MÜV and The Flowery have been delivering steady quality premium flower in Florida for a while.


muv image2With over 55 stores and expanding quickly, MÜV part of Verano Holdings Company – formally Altmed, is a major player in Florida, delivering a whopping 400 plus pounds of quality flower to patients each and every week. They are known to be a little more pricey, but deliver steady quality that patients can depend on. MÜV often runs cannabis deals that can save almost half on purchases and provide unique therapeutic offerings such as Transdermal patches, THC rescue sprays, and inhalers for those who cannot smoke or vape. For those who enjoy and depend on the products of MÜV, you can rest assured Verano will be opening a lot more in Florida in the near future.

The Flowery

The FloweryConsidered one of the smallest MMTC’s in the state, the Flowery has had to fight its way into the Florida Cannabis market through litigation with the state to obtain its license and challenges from those who prefer the huge Florida cannabis market be controlled solely by the big corporations. With a location on Biscayne Bay in Miami, The Flowery was previously known as a delivery-only dispensary. They have covered a good portion of the state with six prominent regions, delivering premium flower to medical patients weekly. Initially only selling whole flower, recent partnerships and innovation have led The Flowery to now offer vape and extract options in addition to quality flower strains. If you want to try something you won’t soon forget at The Flowery, don’t pass up an eighth of Gelato 41 as the California-based Cookies family strain is a heavy-hitting, flavorful trichome-covered pleasure.

Florida MMTC Trends

Regardless of if you are happy with the quality of Florida flower or if you desire more from the MMTC’s, the market in Florida is drawing in experienced players from all over the country who can only compete with the large corporate dispensaries by exceeding quality or matching price. With the unlikelihood of the smaller dispensaries being able to undercut those like Trulieve that deliver more than 40,000 ounces of flower a week between 120 locations—quality is the most attainable competing factor, and medical patients can expect their premium flower options to only grow in the future. Although not yet opened, the OMMU has granted licenses for Insa, Revolution, Gold Leaf and Planet 13 Florida – and we can’t wait to sample the upcoming product variety!

If you are interested in trying flower at one of the new Florida dispensaries, ensure you are certified medical marijuana patient and have active orders ready to fill. If you are new to medical marijuana or have let your orders lapse, don’t worry; Compassionate Healthcare of Florida is ready to see you today! Whether you are a new patient who hasn’t been to a doctor in years or an experienced cannabis aficionado, Compassionate Healthcare makes the process as easy and streamlined as can be, so call us today at 833-NEED-MMJ.