The ease with which you can get a medical marijuana card varies from state to state. In states such as California, you apply online, and within an hour, the card is ready. There are other states like Louisiana, where you need a doctor’s prescription and await the state’s health board to approve your application. The pros of owning a medical marijuana card are more than the cons, and the article below will help you understand better.

pros and cons for medical marijuana card


You are Legally Protected

Some states allow residents to use marijuana or cannabis for medical reasons only. This, therefore, implies that having a medical marijuana card saves you from misdemeanor or felony charges.

Marijuana Becomes Affordable

Buying marijuana in states that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is costly. But by using a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis, you are exempted from individual taxes and thus pay less.

Higher Potency and Limits

Unlike in recreational marijuana dispensaries, where they sell low potent marijuana, you are likely to get higher potent marijuana in medical marijuana dispensaries. You can also purchase a higher amount of medicinal marijuana compared to recreational marijuana.

Different Age and Higher Possessions Limits

It is a requirement in many states that you should be over the age of 21 to use marijuana for recreation purposes. On the other hand, there is flexibility when it comes to medical marijuana cards. You can use marijuana when you are 18 years, and some states allow minors to use it for medical purposes.

Growing Limits

Several medical marijuana programs allow patients to grow marijuana at home. To produce your own cannabis, you must be a medical marijuana cardholder and live not less than 25 miles from the closest marijuana dispensary. You can grow up to ninety-nine plants with a medical card while only six plants for recreational purposes.


Cannot Own a Firearm Legally

According to ATF, a medical marijuana cardholder is restricted from owning or purchasing a firearm. This is because, according to ATF, a gun brings a lot of inconveniences when it comes to decision making. Many states do not allow medical marijuana users to purchase or own a firearm except Pennsylvania. 

pros and cons for medical marijuana card

Restriction of a Commercial Driving License

It would help if you forgot having a commercial driving license once you get a medical marijuana card. This is because you are less likely to secure employment by testing positive for THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC has intoxicating properties and thus impossible for a medical marijuana cardholder to acquire a commercial driving license.

Annual Renewal Fees

Although getting a medical marijuana card is affordable, renewal charges range from $50 to $200, and it is valid for only a year.

Challenge in Getting Government Jobs

Marijuana is illegal at the federal level. Therefore, it is difficult for medical marijuana cardholders to get employed by the government. If you test positive for THC while working in the federal government, the contract is terminated immediately. 


Although there are technological advancements, it can take you a long time to get your medical marijuana card. Moreover, in some states, it takes more than two years to open a medical marijuana dispensary upon the date the vote was passed to legalize medical marijuana.

The above are some of the pros and cons of a medical marijuana card.