Medical Marijuana Telehealth In Florida

How to Obtain Your Medical Marijuana License From Home

12 14 legalcannabisMedical marijuana card renewals were temporary allowed from the comfort of home. Telehealth for re-evaluations was a safe and convenient option available to Florida patients. This however was for a limited time, due to Covid-19, and the state of Florida is no longer allowing existing marijuana card holders to complete their re-certifications via telehealth. We are hopeful this will change and patients will again be able to certify via this easy and very convenient method.

Medical Marijuana Telemedicine

Telemedicine can spare medical marijuana patients from making risky trips to the doctor’s office to renew their medical marijuana license and is a great option for many types of medicine.

*Telehealth services were only to substitute the requirement to “conduct a physical examination while physically present in the same room as the patient,” as required by section 381.986(4)(a)1., Florida Statutes.

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