How to complete your medical Marijuana Application

After receiving your medical marijuana recommendation in Florida, the law governing its usage needs you to apply for a medical marijuana card. The medical marijuana medical card enables you to buy and use marijuana products in Florida legally. The process of obtaining a medical marijuana card varies from state to state and in Florida requires proving residency and paying the state application fee. Let us look at what you need to do to ensure you complete your Florida medical marijuana card application.

Completing the Online Medical Marijuana card application in Florida

After you make the appointment with marijuana certified physician and obtain your recommendation, the next step is finishing your online application. The registration is done on the medical marijuana registry website online, where the marijuana doctor created your account. You log into the patient portal with your email and the temporary password you received to that email address.

Creating Account

Once your doctor recommends you for medical marijuana and enters you into the OMMU state medical marijuana user registry, you will get an email directing you to the state application. Follow the instruction to log in using the email provided by the state with a temporary password. Log in and change the password. Then start completing your application by confirming residency automatically or attaching the requested documents to prove residency.

Confirmation of your Photo

You will have to provide a photo of yourself, ensuring it’s a clear and recent picture. For those who have a Florida Driver’s License or ID Card, this will pull over automatically from the DMV. If you are seasonal or the photo does not populate you will provide your own. If the image is too large, the upload may not be successful. Crop the picture, ensuring it captures your face and has a plain white background. As a reminder if you have a Florida ID or driver’s license DO NOT upload one as your photo should already have populated when you click “check state ID records“, and this will speed up the process. If your photo did not populate for Florida residents, make sure the doctor entered the correct date of birth and social security number for you. If incorrect, your physician might have to update them in the system. The photos you upload should not be selfie-type pictures, as they will be printed on your physical card. For screenshots of the process, click here.

Proof of Residency

While uploading proof of residency, ensure the address on your proof of residency matches the one on the registry that was entered by the physician. For Florida residents, this is a copy of your driver’s license or I.D. card. If the address does not match, the application will be denied. For Florida residents with a driver’s license or ID Card, select the option to Check State Residency Status. This will automate everything for immediate approval.

Seasonal and New Residents

If you are a seasonal or new resident to Florida without a Florida ID or Driver’s License, you must upload two forms as proof of residency. These forms are either mortgage statement, deed, mortgage payment booklet, or rental or agreement lease. If the seasonal resident is staying with someone, they must provide an address for this person in addition to their proof of residency documents and a letter outlining that you have been with them for over 30 days. You can also offer a recent bank statement or utility bill dated within 60 days —or mail from the federal state, municipal government, or county.

Sign the Application

Sign the application at the bottom by typing your first and last name before clicking on “submit my card application.” You can complete the entire application electronically or download the application form filling in all the required information and send via mail. Once you hit the submit button will direct you to pay the processing fee. Enter your card information and pay. If you downloaded the application, you would have to write a $75 check and send it with your application.

Application Process

For seasonal residents, the application process takes some time if the application process does not automate. For those who have a Florida license or ID that pulls POR info from the DMV – approval is immediate! If the proof of residency does not pull over, after submitting your payment, the application will go for online review that takes up to 10 days. Once this is complete you will receive an email to notify you that your application is successful, and your card is in the process of being printed. You can use this email like a temporary card until you receive your printed medical marijuana card in your mailbox. For printed paper applications, the process will take much longer. You can wait for up to three weeks to get your card. If you don’t hear from them in the three or four weeks, your application will probably have been denied, so check your email or call the OMMU helpline or provider’s office.

It’s simple to complete your medical marijuana card, but you will need to be detailed and provide what the state of Florida requires. Ensure your account information matches your registry information and ask your marijuana doctor to help you if needed.