THC CBD in Workouts

Whether you hit the gym or the track — your workout routine lays the foundation for your health.

However, turning over your workout routine can become challenging — especially if you don’t incorporate an adequate post-workout routine. From increased rest to decreased muscle-related inflammation, THC and CBD are the perfect duo to jumpstart your post-workout routine.

Below, we’ll discuss how you can add THC and CBD into your post-workout routine to get the most out of your daily workouts.

How THC and CBD Assist Muscle Recovery

Before we dive into a few tried-and-true techniques to add THC and CBD into your post-workout routine, let’s discuss how THC and CBD assist with muscle recovery.

THC Reduces Chronic Pain

One of the most notable aspects of THC is its widely recognized ability to reduce the significance of chronic pain.

Working out your muscles puts them at risk for injury — especially if you’re new to the practice. THC can provide crucial relief from torn muscles to sore joints during the post-workout phase.

CBD Improves Your Sleep Pattern

SLEEP DISORDERSCBD is known to assist with your body’s circadian rhythm.

Aside from a healthy diet, regular levels of sleep play a crucial role in muscle recovery. Therefore, getting enough sleep should be at the top of your list on workout days.

Luckily, CBD is known to help you get a good night’s rest. You’ll be ready for the next day’s gym sesh by incorporating high CBD products into your nightly routine.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

Although inflammation is a necessary function to let muscles and tendons repair themselves after a workout — too much inflammation is where problems start.

Issues such as chronic tendonitis can hamper your ability to perform during a workout. Therefore, a dose of CBD can drastically reduce inflammation for a period of time. Thus, incorporating CBD into your post-workout routine is generally considered a standard practice to minimize inflammation levels.

Tips on How to Incorporate THC and CBD Into Your Post-Workout Routine

Next, let’s talk about how you can easily get an adequate level of THC and CBD after your strenuous workout routine.

A THC or CBD-Infused Protein Shake

THC ShakeIf you regularly workout — you probably already have a protein shake locked and loaded once you get home.

Protein shakes are the most common post-workout routine, so why not add a few drops of THC or CBD tincture into the mix? Ultimately, CBD and THC tinctures do not significantly alter the flavor of protein shakes, making them easy to consume.

Not only are you receiving the benefits of protein, but the added boost of CBD and THC is the perfect method to jumpstart muscle recovery in one fell swoop.

THC or CBD Topicals For Sore Muscles

THC CBD LotionIf you went for a PR and pushed your muscles to the limit — it’s time to get serious about post-workout muscle recovery.

THC or CBD-based topicals are perfect products to rub directly on the skin. Ultimately, THC and CBD topicals allow users to pinpoint sore spots and get the recovery process rolling.

THC and CBD easily travel through the epidermal layer to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and allow the specified area to recover. Many THC and CBD products also come equipped with tried and true ingredients, such as menthol, to add a cooling effect.

Lastly, THC and CBD topicals are small enough to throw in your gym bag — making them the perfect post-workout accessory!

THC or CBD Capsules Before Bed

As previously mentioned, sleep is a primary factor in muscle recovery.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you won’t perform as you want to the next day. If you find sleep hard to come by, it’s time to grab medical marijuana softgels with THC or CBD.

Typically, you can consume 1-2 THC or CBD softgels before bed. However, you should always experiment with low doses until you find the perfect level for your needs.

By consuming THC or CBD softgels before bed, your body will get the rest it needs to make the most out of the next day’s workout routine.

Vape Medical Marijuana Extract After Your Workout

If topicals and softgels don’t sound appealing — medical marijuana vape carts are more likely your speed.

After a sweat-soaked workout, you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up a deep drag from a terpene-packed medical marijuana vape cart. Puff for puff, you’ll discover ultra-high amounts of THC or CBD ready to relax your muscles and put the rest of your day on cruise control.

THC or CBD Gummies Post-Workout

Sometimes, benching serious weight or logging multiple miles on foot leaves us needing something sweet.

Glycogen levels plummet as you push your body to the limit, putting a heavy demand on your sugar stores. After you’re done getting after it, it’s time to get sugar back into your body with an added level of THC or CBD.

THC or CBD gummies are some of the tastiest products in the medical marijuana industry. If your sweet tooth gets the better of you — it’s time to stash a CBD or THC gummies pack in your workout bag.

Once you’re done, each gummy will calm the nervous system and help your body prepare for tomorrow’s workout.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Florida Today to Get After Your Workout Tomorrow

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