Florida Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Florida medical marijuana cards are available to patients who qualify. The patients must meet eligibility through an assessment from certified doctors. Once you have a marijuana medical marijuana card, you can purchase a wide range of marijuana strains and licensed products from state MMMTC’s also know as dispensaries. You can legally use the products in your home. The card does not last for a lifetime and needs to be renewed before it expires to keep it active. If you are wondering how you can continue your card? No need to worry anymore. Read on for a detailed guide on your Florida medical marijuana card renewal.

Why do you need to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card?

There are various reasons for the renewal of a medical marijuana card, but the primary purpose is to ensure legal access to Florida marijuana. Every state wants to guarantee the patients are using medical marijuana responsibly and in line with their needs. To secure the usage of medical cannabis, Florida has set up a renewal system to ensure patients have an opportunity to keep the license active.

When are you supposed to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card?

The Florida medical marijuana card you are supposed to renew annually. On the right side of your card, besides your birth date, there is an expiration date. Notifications are emailed to you 45 days before your card is due to expire. Ensure you complete your state renewal on time. It is advised you give yourself a minimum of 14 business days for the state to reapprove your card.

You Need to Renew Your Marijuana Certification with a Doctor

While you need to get medical certification while initially applying for a medical marijuana card, you still need a recent renewal to keep the orders active. Florida medical certification and orders last for seven months, and you need to see a doctor once every 210 days. You don’t need to see a doctor when you renew your card unless your orders are due to expire. Renewals with a certifying doctor are very straightforward and were temporarily allowed to be completed via Telehealth due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although this is no longer the case, the appointment itself should be no more than about 10 minutes. The doctor will certify you still benefit from medical marijuana as a form of treatment and will redo all your orders in the state registry for the next 7-months.

How Much Will Your Card renewal Cost?

Despite paying an initial fee of $75 for your card application, your renewal is not free. You also should factor in the renewal of your medical marijuana orders. It might cost less if you went back to your original marijuana doctor, and some doctor’s initial fees may include a follow-up visit. That’s why it’s advisable to check different prices from various doctors and settle with the one who meets your budget. Card renewal with the state costs $75 and a $2.75 online convenience fee.

Step by Step of Renewing your Medical Marijuana Card

Once you receive your 45-day reminder email, log in to your registry account. The right time to renew your card should be as soon as possible after receiving the state reminder. You will be unable to complete the renewal before this 45-day reminder.

After login you profile on the medical marijuana registry will show your details. If you have any personal changes, you can update them here. Click on renew my application and proceed with the process. You will have to show proof of residence by either driver’s license or other documents to prove residence. If you are a Florida resident with a state ID or Driver’s License, you can now select the option to search state driving records to populate the photo and proof of residency. This automates the process by pulling over the proof of residency from the Florida DMV and results in IMMEDIATE approval.

Once you complete the proof of residence, you can now submit your renewal application. Fill in your first and last name appropriately and click submit. It will direct you to pay for your application. Fill in your card details and pay the required $75 and $ 2.75 fee. Within ten business days, you will receive your approval email. If you used the automated option to populate your info from the DMV – You will receive this immediately.

Renewing your medical marijuana card in Florida is simple and has little difference from applying. You should complete your card renewal online for faster processing.