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If you’re ready to elevate your medical marijuana experience, it’s time to discover a unique selection of products in Florida.

From THC-infused intranasal sprays to cannabis inhalers, medical marijuana patients will be thrilled to find so many effective medical marijuana products at their fingertips. Below, we’ll discuss a handful of unique medical marijuana products that can transform how you experience medical marijuana daily, weekly, or monthly.

VidaCann’s T.O. Topical Cream (Midnight)

Vidacann TopicalVidaCann is a medical marijuana brand born and raised in Florida.

One of the most common reasons for applying for a medical marijuana card in Florida is chronic pain. Although smoking flowers or vaporizing concentrates relieves localized pain, nothing is as effective as marijuana-infused topical creams.

VidaCann’s recent partnership with Tikun Olam allows it to use proprietary strains that are ideal for managing chronic pain. VidaCann’s T.O. Topical Cream uses the Midnight strain — a Sativa-dominant variety that’s loaded with THC and CBD to manage pain levels.

Whether in the lower back or wrists, simply rub on a small dose of cream and allow it to absorb into the skin. At 150mg of THC and 150mg of CBD, VidaCann’s T.O. Topical Cream (Midnight) is an innovative product to reduce chronic pain so you can live the life you want.

MÜV’s Ease Vaginal Cannabis Oil

MUV EaseIf you routinely head into medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida — you’ve probably visited a MÜV dispensary and noticed their products on the shelf.

Thousands of women across Florida seek medical marijuana products to assist with vaginal health, such as pain relief and other forms of discomfort. Considering much of the medical marijuana market fails to address women-specific needs — MÜV stepped up to offer Ease Vaginal Cannabis Oil.

MÜV’s Ease Vaginal Cannabis Oil is meant to assist with endometriosis, gynecological cancer, vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia, and general discomfort during menstruation and menopause. Ultimately, MÜV’s Ease Vaginal Cannabis Oil is a unique product that allows women an innovative way to manage discomfort day or night. Available in a 1:1 THC/CBD formulation or a standalone THC product, Ease can be used for symptomatic relief or for hydration, reported by users to increase sex drive and heighten sensations during intercourse. Prior to Ease, most women had to find an alternative method of THC administration or utilize harder to find and less comfortable THC suppositories.

MÜV’s Cannabis 1:1 THC/CBD Inhaler

Muv InhalerMÜV understands THC and CBD’s benefits on the lungs, which is why they’ve crafted the Cannabis 1:1 THC/CBD Inhaler.

THC and CBD are known to assist individuals with asthma and other lung-based issues. However, the constant conundrum those with asthma face is the aversion towards smoke.

Even if THC and CBD are bronchodilators, smoking medical marijuana flower isn’t a healthy or reliable option for many. Furthermore, the onset of edibles may take too long, making it necessary to find another choice that doesn’t require combustion or long wait times.

This is where MÜV’s Cannabis 1:1 THC/CBD Inhaler comes in. Now, medical marijuana patients can experience fast and controlled doses of MMJ spray. At 200mg of THC and 200mg of CBD, medical marijuana patients finally have access to easy-to-use and effective inhalers.

Typically, onset occurs within 3-5 minutes, making the Cannabis 1:1 THC/CBD Inhaler an excellent addition to your medical marijuana quiver.

Haze’s Ruby Slippers Live Badder

Live BadderIf you can’t get enough of the terpene-packed deliciousness that medical marijuana concentrates offer, wait until you dab Haze’s Ruby Slippers Live Badder. With the look of cookie dough or cake batter, this wax is a delicacy to dab with and can be found at Liberty Health Sciences.

Ruby Slippers is a specially-formulated Sativa-dominant strain that’s bred to dissipate anxiety, pain, and paranoia with a single puff. Haze took the Ruby Slippers strain to the next level by transforming top-shelf flowers into an unforgettable live badder.

Haze’s Ruby Slippers Live Badder is a testament to the rich flavor found within cannabis terpenes, such as myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Tested at 71% THC, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a show-stopping medical marijuana concentrate like Haze’s Ruby Slippers Live Badder in Florida.

Trulieve’s Cannatol Nasal Spray 1500mg – Rescue Spray

Trulieve Nasal SprayOne of the original medical conditions recognized by the federal government to benefit from medical marijuana is seizures.

Thousands of Floridians experience seizures yearly, making it a serious public health concern. Trulieve has since innovated Cannatol Nasal Spray — a rescue spray that can be administered during an episode.

THC is a well-known cannabinoid that can decrease the severity and frequency of seizures — making it an indispensable tool for hundreds (if not thousands) of Floridians. At 1,500mg of THC per package, Cannatol Rescue Spray is a unique product for everyday tasks if you’re at risk for seizures. Each bottle contains about 300 1-Second sprays and retails for $120.

Lastly, Trulieve’s Cannatol Nasal Spray is easy to use — a crucial aspect when experiencing a seizure. Ultimately, Cannatol Nasal Spray is an intriguing product that’s specifically geared toward medical marijuana patients that experience seizures.

Entourage’s Limoncello Vaporizer

LHS EntourageIf you’re in the mood for an uplifting and flavorful boost without sacrificing your lung health — it’s time to experience Entourage’s Limoncello 0.5g Vape.

Packed with 87% THC, Entourage’s Limoncello can help your mind soar while keeping you focused on the tasks at hand. Additionally, each puff produces ample vapor clouds while filling your taste buds with the pungent flavors of sour lemons.

From clean extraction techniques to resounding cannabinoid and terpene content, you won’t be disappointed once you put your medical marijuana card to use at a local Liberty Health Sciences MMTC that carries Entourage.

Medical Marijuana Innovations Rooted in Florida

If you live in Florida and experience mental or physical medical issues — you’ll be pleased to know that the Sunshine State is home to America’s most innovative medical marijuana brands.

From Trulieve to VidaCann, medical marijuana patients can find hundreds of unique products tailored toward specific medical issues. If you’re experiencing mental or physical issues, it’s time to apply for a medical marijuana license with Compassionate Healthcare of Florida.

Gain access to natural medicine by teaming up with Compassionate Healthcare of Florida today for a medical marijuana card!