Once you receive your medical marijuana license in Florida — the sky’s the limit.

Not only can you search your neighborhood for a medical marijuana dispensary or delivery service, but you can also cook your own cannabis-infused food.

If you’re ready to create mouth-watering dishes that’ll have you buzzing in no time, continue to read this guide and learn everything you need to know about cooking with THC isolate.

Say Goodbye to Cannabutter and Hello to Medical Marijuana Concentrate

Many of you likely remember eating a home-baked edible that tasted exactly like weed.

Although the taste of raw cannabis isn’t necessarily negative — it wasn’t discrete, and it was always a guessing game in terms of potency. From complete duds to 6-hour long journeys, old-school marijuana edibles weren’t consistent.

The reason behind old-school edible’s hit-or-miss nature was because they were infused with cannabutter. As it so happens, cannabutter is extremely difficult to dose, let alone estimate its strength correctly.

However, medical marijuana patients now have access to cannabis-based extracts that make infusing food a breeze. Meet medical marijuana extracts — specifically THC isolate.

All You Need to Know About Cooking With THC IsolateWhat’s THC Isolate, and Why is it Perfect For Making Edibles?

THC isolate is a medical marijuana concentrate.

However, the beauty of THC isolate lies in the fact that it’s stripped of terpenes. In other words, THC isolate does not taste or smell like anything.

Therefore, you can infuse virtually any type of food with THC isolate and turn it into a medical marijuana edible. Remember, whether the THC isolate is in liquid or wax form can easily be incorporated into food.

Additionally, you’ll always know the potency of your edibles because all THC isolates that are sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida must be lab tested.

Once you pair all of these facts together, you’ll realize that you can create perfectly dosed meals with a small amount of medical marijuana concentrate (THC isolate).

What Can You Make With THC Isolate?

If you’re wondering what you can infuse with THC isolate, we have one simple answer — anything.

Any recipe is possible if you have a bit of cannabis concentrate, preferably THC isolate, and Gordon Ramsay’s determination.

Here’s a list of ideas of what to infuse and cook with THC isolate:

  • Spaghetti
  • Oatmeal
  • Brownies
  • Salad
  • Cookies
  • Pie
  • Cake
  • And much more

As you can see — practically anything can be turned into a medical marijuana palette-pleaser with THC isolate.

However, you may be wondering how to infuse food in the first place. For this question, move along to the next section.

How to Infuse Any Type of Food With THC Isolate

If you’re ready to infuse a meal with a heavy dose of THC, here’s an easy-to-follow guide.

Don’t worry; as long as you have a medical marijuana license in Florida and a knack for cooking — this will be fun and simple to do!

What You’ll Need to Turn Anything Into a Medical Marijuana Edible

Here’s a list of the necessary tools to create a wide range of medical marijuana edibles at home in Florida:

  • Medical marijuana extract (preferably THC isolate) that’s lab tested
  • A scale
  • A mixing bowl
  • A small glass jar

When we said making medical marijuana edibles was easy — we bet you didn’t think it was this easy!

With only four primary tools, you’ll make the base of your marijuana-infused edibles in a snap.

How To Prepare Your THC Isolate in Three Easy Steps

Now, let’s look at how to prepare your THC isolate in three easy steps.

Step One

First, decide how much THC isolate to use in a given recipe.

In other words, how strong do you want the edible to be? If you buy 1-gram of THC isolate from a local marijuana dispensary in Florida that’s tested at 80% THC — you may want to start with a small amount at first.

In other words, a quarter of the full gram may be an adequate starting point. Once you decide how much to use, break off the piece and weigh it on a scale. Remember, medical marijuana extracts may melt quickly — so you must act fast!

Step Two

Next, it’s time to melt the THC isolate into an oil.

Unless the THC isolate is already in oil form, you’ll need to do so in this step. To turn a cannabis concentrate, such as shatter, into oil, all you need to do is melt it.

Heat a cup of water and pour it into a bowl. Next, place the cannabis concentrate into a small glass jar and cap it.

Lastly, place the small glass jar into the bowl with hot water. Allow the marijuana extract to melt entirely and turn into a viscous oil.

Step Three


Now you have THC isolate oil, which can be drizzled on top of a healthy salad or incorporated in a festive birthday cake.

Important Considerations When Creating Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles With THC Isolate

The golden rule of creating and consuming THC-rich edibles is to start slow.

Whether you drizzle THC isolate oil on fajitas or as a topping on a kale salad — you should always consume a small amount at first to test the effects.

Once you feel the effects, you can leave it as is or continue to chow down. However, due to the food’s delicious taste, you may forget that it’s loaded with THC isolate.

Therefore, you must always be responsible while creating deliciously potent treats.

If You Want to Become a Canna Chef — Get Your Medical Marijuana License in Florida Today

There’s no better freedom than having the ability to walk into a local dispensary in Florida and purchase medical marijuana products.

Whether you can’t smoke or your sweet tooth is begging for a THC-packed treat, now’s the time to indulge your senses with a marijuana-infused meal.

If you need to renew your medical marijuana license or apply for the first time, make an appointment with Compassionate Healthcare of Florida. From top-rated cannabis doctors to rapid processing for medical marijuana cards — you’ll be well on your way to cooking with medical marijuana, such as THC isolate, in no time!