CBD Gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that finds its origin in the cannabis plant. It is primarily extracted from hemp, as it is found in much more significant quantities than in high THC marijuana. Another interesting fact is that besides providing various benefits to its consumers, it is specifically known to help relieve pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Though the research about CBD currently lacks due to its prior restricted status, its popularity is increasing day by day. With the surge in popularity, many new products are coming to market, trying to capitalize on the health trend. All CBD products, including gummies, are NOT created equal, and it’s crucial to ask some basic questions before purchasing.

What to look for in CBD gummies

Does the manufacturer batch-test their end product?

This is vital for any “vitamin or chemical” you put into your body. Testing should confirm the percentage of THC (which needs to be under 3% to meet the farm bill requirements legally), CBD, and test for heavy metals, fertilizers, or other toxins which could be present in the end product. When in doubt ask for an independent certificate of analysis (COA).

Do they stand behind what they sell?

If the CBD product or gummies are not right for you or arrive defective, will you be stuck with them, or will they stand behind the product?

Is the CBD sourced organically?

Some people have dietary preferences and look for organically produced or vegan products free of any animal-based gelatin. If this is of interest to you, make sure to inquire with the manufacturer.

Is it a full-spectrum product?

We recommend this for most as the full terpene and cannabinoid profile is made available to consumers. Broad-spectrum is a good choice for highly THC-sensitive users.

What we like about gummies

vegan cbd gummies frontA few brands we have tried recently are Sunday Scaries CBD and Real Releaf CBD. Sunday Scaries is a CBD brand out of California that has both standard CBD gummies and Vegan CBD gummies. We liked this brand because it has the added benefit of being infused with Vitamins B12 and D3. Vitamin B-12 serves various purposes in the body, and vitamin D-3 helps boost one’s immunity. They come in assorted flavors and come in bottles of 20 with 10mg of CBD per gummy.

Real Releaf GummiesReal Releaf CBD is a growing brand out of Florida that produces several quality CBD products. They concentrate on supplying premium cannabinoids and have 2 products in their gummy line, a standard vegan gummy and a vegan Delta-8 THC gummy. We specifically like Real Releafs gummies because they are Full Spectrum, great tasting, and are less likely to melt than other gummies on the market. This might not seem like a big thing, but when you order gummies online, the last thing you want to receive in the mail is a massive glob of gummy fused into one giant mess! Real Releafs CBD gummies are a very respectable 25mg a piece and come in bottles of 30.

You do not have to be anxious about either of these company’s product quality since they are manufactured in facilities certified by ISO 9001 standards. These edibles use various natural ingredients, and people love both of these gummies. Here are five reasons why we are addicted to CBD gummies.

It helps in calming the mind

One of the reasons we are a massive fan of CBD gummies is the calming feeling you get from this very beneficial cannabinoid. The calming can really improve one’s day and eases a person’s mind. Whenever you feel anxious or have any opposing thoughts running around, do not worry. The best possible solution to get rid of it is to have some of them and calm yourself. The perk is that these can be taken at any time and can also help you get better sleep. Those who have lousy insomnia or trouble staying asleep are some of the happiest CBD gummy users around.

Relive work pressure and increases focus

Another advantage and why people get addicted to these CBD gummies is that they can help decrease self-doubt and increases self-confidence, and thus, you are better able to increase your focus. To overcome pressure and stress, people have resorted to taking these edibles, and some report that their concentration is enhanced, and thus, they can focus more.

Vegan and No gelatin

We have seen various individuals who love to have CBD gummies because it is purely vegetarian and does not contain any gelatin. Natural ingredients and valuable terpenes and flavonoids of the cannabis plant enhance the beneficial properties of the gummies. Since it helps in getting rid of inflammation and comes with various added advantages, the absence of gelatin is just like the cherry on top. Also, according to recent trends, it is fairly evident that people’s tastes are moving towards becoming more natural, and the products with no gelatine are a big attractor.

Reset equilibrium

Have you ever noticed any change in your behavior and daily habits before and after having CBD gummies? The reason behind it is that these tasty edibles help you get rid of frustrations and irritations that you have to undergo daily. Whenever you chew them and take a deep breath, you get instant relief that tends to soothe your day.

Get your CBD in a convenient and discreet way

Even though CBD is now commonplace, there is still some stigma behind anything that was once regulated and controlled. People are becoming more accepting and open to the benefits of CBD each day. However, for those who are still a little concerned about taking a compound that may have in the past been taboo, gummies are a fantastic delivery method. Gummies look like any other piece of candy or vitamin and can be taken discreetly and without concern at any time of the day.


These were just five reasons why we think people are addicted to CBD gummies. We are huge fans ourselves and are thrilled at some of the new CBD consumption options available to consumers. Gummies come in many variants, strengths, and flavors, and you have the absolute freedom to choose the right one for you and enjoy your life in the best possible manner.