Cannabis helps many people deal with different conditions. In many states, you can get a prescription and buy medical marijuana to get the relief you need. Before you can get medical marijuana, you need a medical card. Here are some facts about the medical marijuana card you need to know.

15 medical card facts about marijuana

  1. In states where the use of marijuana is legal, anyone from the age of 21 can use recreational marijuana. However, the rules are different if you want to use marijuana for medical reasons. The age requirement for the medical card is usually 18. When you apply for the medical card, you will get to know about your state’s requirements. You need to understand that each state has different requirements, so; you should check and adhere to the conditions they require before you can get the card.
  2. A medical marijuana card is given to people with medical conditions only. You will be required to produce a recommendation from a certified cannabis doctor that qualifies you for the card before the state allows you to purchase medical marijuana.
  3. Only the person whose name is on the card can use it to obtain medical marijuana. You will not get medical marijuana if you use another person’s card.
  4. You should prove that you are a resident of that state before you can get a medical card. You will have to produce an ID card or a driver’s license before you get the card. In some states, you will need more than one proof of residency document. Some states do allow seasonal residents to apply for a medical card, while others do not.
  5. The medical marijuana card has an expiry date, and you will need to renew the card to purchase after this date. Some states are annual while others are bi-annual.
  6. You can apply for the medical card online, and once you are certified by a doctor; you will get a new card in the mail. The certification may need to be in person or can be virtual, depending on the state.
  7. There are several conditions that the state will allow you to get a medical card for. Most states allow doctors to enumerate or compare to other conditions with similar symptoms, allowing the ability for most patient to try medical marijuana.
  8. A medical marijuana card is not free, and the cost might be different according to the state you are in. You will have to pay when you renew the card. Some states waive this fee depending on the financial situation of applicants.
  9. You might need to have a qualified caregiver before you get the medical card. This is mainly for those under 18 years old or for those who need someone to pick up their medicine.
  10. Once you get the medical card, you can now purchase medical marijuana from any certified dispensary or marijuana treatment center.
  11. If you already have a card, and just your orders are expired, you will be able to purchase cannabis products as soon as a cannabis doctor updates these.
  12. There is a limit to the amount of marijuana you can buy, even with the card. You and your certified caregiver can purchase medical marijuana, but the dispensary will only sell you up to this limit. The physician will include how many ounces you need for your condition in your recommendations along with what methods are available to you.
  13. A child can also qualify for the medical marijuana card if their condition allows them to take cannabis. This is mostly in cases where they are terminally ill, but many others can still benefit. The laws usually are more restrictive for pediatric cases and may require a second doctor’s recommendation.
  14. You must produce the card anytime you need to purchase the medication. If the card is expired, you will have to renew it to keep it active. The card expiration date and order expiration date often differ, depending on the state you are in.